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Badminton court lighting design requirements

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Standard badminton court

According to the international competition regulations. The entire stadium should occupy a space of a minimum of nine meters. Within this height, there shouldn’t be any beans or any kind of obstructions. There shouldn’t be any obstacles within two meters around the stadium. Between any two courses side by side, it should not be less than two meters distance. Therefore, the installation height of badminton court lighting with professional venues lamps must be at least nine meters above the ground. Also, it must be equipped with anti-glare device. The mounting heights of the entertainment venues and training level may be reduced as well.

Badminton court lighting features

Badminton court lighting usually takes three forms: the artificial lighting, natural lighting, and mixed lighting. Most of the modern badminton mixed lighting are artificial lighting, which are used for general lighting badminton courts. When it comes to badminton court design, make the athlete to accurately determine the pitch, placement and the height. The first thing is to maximize the use of the natural light. Of course the effect of the natural light is the best so as to prevent glare. 

The second point is to increase the uniformity, stability, illuminance distribution, as well as the coordination. In fact, this is not the only achieved excellent results of the athletes since accurate appreciation of the audience and sub-sub referee is still very important. In short, stadium lights, particularly lamps in badminton are very essential in these areas. 

Lighting effects requirements

Some of the requirements of the lighting effects include the following:

· Illumination to meet international standards

· No obvious glare

· Ground illumination uniformity

· No strobe

LED lights choosing suggestion

The latest venues in badminton as well as badminton courts lighting transformation need to make use of LED flood light and also LED high bay light. In fact, two lamps are enough to provide customers with professional and a comfortable lighting environment. Also, the recent international high-end lighting products can be used in badminton courts. Meanwhile, lamp lighting still applies to indoor tennis courts, badminton court lighting, indoor basketball court lighting, interior lighting and other indoor venues, and comprehensive sports venues. 

Features of LED floodlight

· Easy to handle, while with 180 degree adjustable mounting brackets

· Has a precise fitting sight that is mounted on the top or at the lower end of the lamp body

· Ambient temperature

· Can adapt indoor convectional weather outside use

· Through incremental improvements, effective use of the lamps and emitting efficiency is greatly improved

These lights are perfect for stadium lighting simply because the athletes as well as spectators can comfortably feel the game and get excited. Designed with oval optical system of the new light source, the lights ensures that the overall efficiency, high reliability, low glare, and best lighting levels are achieved. 

For the SUNPER LED high bay lights, they have got better thermal conductivity properties. They not only effectively reduce the LED junction temperature rise but also have longer lifespan and high safety performance. They also have a unique asymmetric luminous lens that focuses the projected light evenly onto the surface. They are ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting. 

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