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Improving employee productivity by lighting color temperature

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Light as well as colors usually have effects on human beings. These conditions are altered to create suitable environment to enhance productivity. Such conditions also stimulate creativity as well as making the environment more inviting. By doing this plus many others things, it is true that the lighting color temperature helps to improve the productivity of the employees. 

The color temperature refers to the terms of the degree of the white light on the Kelvin scale. The Kelvin color temperature scale is categorized into 3 general ranges that include high, medium as well as low. It is also proven that productivity, mood and efficiency in the workplace can be adjusted by simply changing the brightness and the color temperature of the light in these ranges.

Interestingly, the LEDs are polychromatic and thus they are able to produce a variety of colors and wavelengths. These can be adjusted to different degrees of color temperature in order to achieve optimum lighting conditions for a particular space. This can greatly improve learning as well as enhance moods by creating a specific type of ambience. An example is that when the red color of the photo chromatic light is enriched with white color and lowering of the color temperature on 6eh Kelvin scale, a warm white light is obtained. It contains less white color and more reds and yellows. In contrast to this, raising the color temperature produces a brighter light which is more natural and purer just like the daylight white light. Those working in the daylight white lighting environments are normally happier, more attentive and thus they make fewer mistakes.

Nowadays, the LED technology has made it easier to dial in temperature ranges so as to achieve the right amount of light required. Therefore, by using the LEDs as the light source, it is possible to adjust the color levels to improve productivity of employees. In addition to this, employees who work in a brighter as well as cooler temperature range above 5000 Kelvin are hence they are happier. LED lights are perfect for schools, retailers and also for use in offices.

Therefore, productivity and the well being of the employees can be improved by using higher color temperature conditions. Apart from providing excellent lighting for environment to work in, the commercial LED lighting gives the right balance of lighting and helps to delay the occurrence of progressive deterioration and functional limitation among some employees. The work performance can also be improved by controlling the color brightness as well as temperature since this creates optimum indoor lighting conditions.

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