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Could you help how to find the best replacement solution for 400W MH

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Question: Could you help how to find the best replacement solution for 400W MH (metal-halide lamp)?


There is a pertinent issue since a single 400W MH lamp is about 32000lm whereas a 200W LED high bay, whose electrical power people usually say is the equivalent to the 400W MH, is likely 18000-20000lm. Of course there're some lumens leakage when we're talking about lamp fixture. But what's the actual equivalent?

1. As you mentioned 400W MH lamp 32000LM, that is no reflector to test result. Actually when you light the 400W MH lamp to test, it only 16000LM.  And 400W led MH LAMP total watt is 400W+55W driver power, so it is 455W. As for this solution it is not good for final use.
2. Our 200W led high bay light Lumen is 18000LM, it is test result the whole light with reflector lighting. Our led high bay light is 180W + 20W led driver power, so our light total power is 200W.

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