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High Quality Driver For HighBay

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  Round HGB Meanwell Driver

1.On the right side of the picture, it is a Custom designed Meanwell HGB Driver omly for highbay, it doesn't need a box, it can be assembled with other product components directly. So it help to decrease our assembling process, save our labor, and save money.

2.The most important, because the whole driver exposed in the air, and filling-in sillica gel, the heat can be dissipated to outside directly, ensure that it will operate for more than 50,000hrs. That is why we promise 6 years warranty.

Most common driver

1.Now almost all of the supplier use the normal type like the picture right side. This type of the driver is widely used in led high bay, led flood light, led street light and some other LED lights. As we all know, every kind of light need diffierent input and output parameter, so the supplier of the driver can not provide a perfect driver for all these diffierent products.

2.On the other hand, if it used for highbay, it must be put into a driver box like the picture, it waste more materials and needs more process of assembling. 

3.The most important and the worst, the driver will produce a lot of heat during operating, the heat will be kept in the driver box, can not be dissipated to outside. The box will always keep in the high hemperature condution, high temperature will have a strong impact on the performance of the driver, the lifespan will be reduce.

In general, "Professional person to do professional things!" A good quality driver of led high bay lgiht , which was custom designed for highbay, absolutely it is the best choose.

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