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Why SUNPER LED Low Bay Fixtures are Not IP65

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 1. About IP65 of LED Low Bay Fixtures

For IP65, here I say something. If clients must need IP65 led low bay fixtures, we can also do that, just use our other series led high bay lights. But if the lamps just are used in indoor stores or restaurants and offices, acturally it doesn't need do IP65. Because if a led low bay fixtures do water proof, it can heat proof. You know heatproof means prevent heat dissipation, it will affect life time of lamps. So clients need to confrim the real using place. If ip65 isn't needed, we don't suggest do that.

If you need, we can suggest our other series led high bay light to you, just the price is higher.

Design Philosophy of LED Low Bay Fixtures

Due to SUNPER LED Low Bay Fixtures is designed only for stores,restaurants and offices and other high grade places. That's to say, it is specifically aimed at indoor lighting. So we have made heat-dissipation treatment, but not do waterproof treatment. 

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