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SUNPER is a professional manufacturer in led high bay lighting. SUNPER have a R&D team with more than 5 professional engineers with over 10years experience in LED R&D.  SUNPER engaged in the R&D and the production of LED high bay lighting, through the technology and experience accumulated over the years ,we nurtured a technology capable, experienced, excellent professional technical team. The vibrant team, with its superb technology, excellent ability to guarantee the reliability and stability of our products. 

SUNPER own the strong capabilities of power electronic technology and the strong R&D strength of the related products, with the intellectual property rights of all our products. The backbone of our technology has deep theoretical foundation, rich practical experience, innovative research and development ideas, professional excellence which is the powerful technical support of SUNPER brand. 

SUNPER R&D team including:

   Electronic engineer

   Packing design engineer

   Structural engineer

   Sample testing engineer

   Heat management design engineer

SUNPER company gathered a group of managers and technical personnel who have been working in the LED industry for many years as a key role. Involving majors:physical, thermal, optical, mechanical, electronic and so on. Multi-disciplinary talents lay a solid foundation for the development of our company.

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