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After-sales Service and Warranty

SUNPER uphold the principle of " a full range, high quality, fast " service standards, customer satisfaction as the goal, to the public commitment. SUNPER guarantees that all the products made and sold by SUNPER are strict quality-controlled to reach the standard for 6 years warranty.

Warranty: 6 years

SUNPER warranty covers whole luminaire, includes light source, reflector, heat sink, power suppliers and other electrical components, optics, and any other components of the luminaire.

User quality problems arise in the normal use condition, all about product quality complaints,  in the warranty period please contact with SUNPER as soon as possible, in order to facilitate the users receive timely maintenance and replacement, SUNPER will response within 12hours, and provide solutions as soon as possible.

Products can replace free in the precondition of non-artificial damage within warranty period  after SUNPER verify it is because of quality issue, and SUNPER will provide free replacement or repair.

Within the warranty period due to improper use, or beyond the warranty period by SUNPER to provide free repair or replacement, the replacement or repair materials and accessories are charged only the cost price.

Within warranty period any special circumstances both sides should negotiate the solution.

SUNPER is not responsible for any removal or re-installation costs.

The product must be returned to SUNPER. SUNPER reserves the right to determine the cause of failure and to decide if the product is covered under this warranty.

This warranty specifically excludes the following:

  Expiration of the warranty period.

  Damages caused by installation or operation not in accordance with seller’s instruction.

  Damage caused by disassembly services or refit without seller’s authorization.

  Facility damages caused by force majeure such as flood, lightening, storm, hailstone, etc.

  The breakdown, row harm or damaged because of the move or drop.

  Corrosion caused by heavy fallout or exposure to corrosive chemicals or deterioration caused by corrosive fumes or condensations or harmful substances.

  Abnormal conditions, wet storage; unauthorized repair, misuse, abuse and change.


The service commitment to the final interpretation of  Shenzhen SUNPER Opto Co., LTD.


Consumer rights based on the law-

Consumers have certain rights based on Chinese law when it comes to the sale of consumer goods. Such rights will not be impacted by the guarantee provisions set out in this summary of guarantee provisions.

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