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High Bay LED Light Frugal and Efficient

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High Bay led light is the new invention of technology, and that is used for saving energy and money. This new developed technology can be utilized both for personal and industrial purposes within an affordable price. High bay LED lighting provides high-quality light, saves energy, and demands low maintenance. And this one is also durable and works effectively for many purposes.

Types of High Bay lighting

Different types of high bay lightings are available in the current market. Some of them are:

1.Mercury Vapor: 

This one is the oldest type of bay lighting. Here mercury compounds are the source of creating this light. The good thing about this light is that it is less expensive and the lamp life of this light is longer than others. And disadvantages are it consumes more power, shows poor efficiency, takes more time for getting started, and it cannot be used in all environments. Some precautions are also required for using this light.

2.Metal Halide: 

Varieties of metals are used for creating this light. Metal Halide is popular for its good efficiency and color. Disadvantages are it consumes more power, its lamp life is not that good, it takes more time to get started and is not environment-friendly. So, it cannot be used in all the situations.

3. High-Pressure Sodium: 

Sodium compounds are used for creating this type of lighting. This lighting has two advantages one is efficiency and the second is long lamp life. It has the same negative qualities like the first two, just like more power consumption, bad color, and more time for starting up, rapid lumen depreciation and not that environment-friendly.

4. Linear Fluorescent: 

This one is the developed form of the bay lighting. There are many advantages of this light, just like high efficiency, less power consumption, good lamp life, immediate start-up and good color. And it can be used with sensors and controls. It does not have any negative side except some trace elements of mercury.

5. Light Emitting Diode: 

This is the latest and the best form of the bay lighting. It provides high efficiency; it gives perfect and solid lighting. Phosphor substance is used for creating this type of lighting. The positive side of this light is its efficiency, less power consumption, very good lamp life, immediate starting up and its good color. Disadvantages of this light are its cost, and the new technology that is not proven.

These four types of lighting are used by different categories of people according to the needs and demands of their necessities. But it is always suggested to choose a new one to save more energy and to avoid any kind of complication as the new one is more developed.

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