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LED Lighting European and American market analysis

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LED lighting is a great business that can do fine to anyone who may start it. This is according to European and American market analysis which is as follows.

European markets

By 2015, the export of the EU LED lighting products has been increasing. It is expected that in Europe it will grow to $10.24 billion. The average annual growth rate of these products was 49% between 2012 and 2015. Therefore, the European market is a major exporter of lighting products to China. Some of these products include tube lights, vehicle lights, light bar with lights as well as stage lights which are imported in large scale. There is large Dutch demand for the Chinese tube lights, spotlights and Italian imports of the Chinese strip lights, indoor decorative lights and interior lights. France mostly import the Chinese spotlights while Belgium and Denmark requires the Chinese stage lights.

In addition to the above, the European lighting standards need some requirements to be met on lighting effects. For the products to get to the EU market of these products require certification of CE-LVD, CE-ROHS, GS and CE-ERP and many others. This concept is nowadays being affected by the debt crisis in Greek, Europe. Other affected nations include Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and many other countries which are trying to get out of the crisis. This is because the crisis is changing the usual pattern of Euro area as well as the entire Europe. The euro is irreversible and thus it is shaken causing the market to go beyond the euro zone. Eventually, it will be extended to the whole of the European Union and thus the enterprises should be very careful.

American market

The department of energy in the United States of America is expected that its total LED lighting market will reach about $15.1 billion in the year 2016. The United States market for the Chinese enterprises is the largest market than the one in the Europe. The US imports LED products from China that accounts to about 70.50%. This amounts to around $420 million which is very good. The market is very good since two-thirds of people in America buy the household lighting products.

Currently, exports to US have become the main mode. In addition to this, consumers are more concerned about the price since price is the main factor that most people consider when buying smart bulbs. Thus, the function as well as lighting performance will soon become a crucial purchase driver since the prices of the LED lighting bulbs have started to become cheaper.

Above is the market analysis about the LED lighting products in Europe and America.

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