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The LED lighting policy of Malaysia

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In recent years, Malaysia has actually started to value environmental industries so as to stimulate a strong growth in green industries. In fact, green lighting has been on high demand on the industry development agenda. Even though Malaysia’s LED lighting application industry is still in the phase due to its small size, there is a significant room for the market growth. Early this year, Malaysia rolled out a countrywide LED lighting upgrade project that is expected to replace convectional lighting products completely. This has been considered an important environmental development in the country. 

Malaysian states and Selangor have actually issued regulations which have made installation of the LED light source a must in new buildings. By 2020, the government of Malaysia estimates that streetlights all over the country will have been switched to LED. Today, about 5% of the streetlights in Malaysia make use of the LED light sources. In addition, Penang government has welcomed Chinese LED manufacturers to participate in the project. 

In order to further promote LED lighting plans, the government of Malaysia is offering 5-10 years free incentive to the Chinese manufactures that will establish factories in the country. It will also help these foreign investors to construct bonded warehouse. Also, the state has gradually banned out the use of incandescent lamps or even the traditional luminaries in real estates or building since 2014. Currently, the energy savings of LED lighting being used in the Putrajaya administrative buildings have actually reached 50% each year. 

In the recent years, the state has invested largely in architecture as well as construction industries that has resulted to the increased demand of the products. The Malaysian government has also started large and important infrastructure projects such as the Klang Valley MRT system. After the construction of the 11th Malaysian government project, the growth of the general construction marker has sped up. 

Five years to come, the major cities in Malaysia will definitely be swapping all the strengths with the LED lightning. The state has also proposed rural ecovillage developments and also its Third Industrial Master Plan whose main aim is to strengthen the semiconductor industry as well as promote innovative applications and technology. It’s also urging the entire LED industry to supply chain value and also market development. Taking advantage of the government large scale support, Malaysian LED lighting project has continued to grow rapidly. Before the year ends, the LED market penetration rates are expected to reach 35% in Malaysia. 

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