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Key Factors That Determine LED Lighting Price

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The competition between traditional lamps and LED lighting continues. Different manufacturers make LED lights of different quality and pricing. As such, this article explores the factors that affect LED lighting price. Read on to discover why LED lighting prices differ from one lamp to another or among manufactures themselves.

1. Brightness 

LED lighting comes with varying degrees of brightness. Their prices, too, differ with light intensity. Usually, brighter LED lamps cost a little more.

2. Anti- static/Static

Again, the prices of LED lighting vary depending on whether they are static or not. Usually, anti-static LED lamps come with higher wattage, longer life, and higher price.

3. Wavelength

The prices of LED lamps are also determined by their wavelengths. Conventionally, LED lighting that has consistent wavelength normally cost more. Since it takes more to manufacture LED lamps of excellent wavelength, they are understandably sold at higher prices.

4. Leakage

LED lighting consists of one-way flow of current. When there is a reverse flow of current, this is called leakage. It is one of the factors that determine LED lighting price. A LED lamp that experiences leakage has shorter life and thus costs less.

5. Beam Angle

The beam angles of different LED lamps are not the same. As a result, this all-too-important angle of beaming is among the factors that determine LED lighting price. There are some LED lamps that come with specially designed angle of beaming. Excellent beam angle allows the lamp to scatter its light and thus reach a wider area. Such lights are bound to have higher prices.

6. Durability

LED lights differ in terms of durability. Universally, LED lamps that last longer are more expensive. A less durable lamp is bound to experience light failure within a shorter time. Durable LED lights have better and long-lasting lumen that does not need a lot of maintenance. 

7. Type/Size of LED Chip

LED lamps come with different chips. Most top quality LED lamps come from Japan and the United States. High-quality LED lamps that have the best chips will cost more than those with inferior chips. The quality of the chips is as important as the size. As such, bigger sizes of chips make LED lamps more expensive.

8. Fire-Retardant/UV- Resistant

Not all LED lamps are fireproof or UV-resistant. Lamps that have these qualities often cost more.

However, consumers have to be aware that there are some manufacturers who lie about the quality of their LED lamps. There are others that sell their lighting at unreasonably high prices. Therefore, consumers have to understand the specifications of the LED lighting they want to purchase and determine whether the features justify the price.

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