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What to check to know a LED Floodlight is good or bad

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Have you ever asked yourself what is LED floodlight? Well, when a tempered glass, reflector, LED light and LED power supply die-cast aluminum casing are together, what is formed is known as LED floodlight. Below is very important information to help determine if the floodlight is good or bad.

What to know about tempered glass?

There are two technologies used in order to achieve this. One of them is physical tempering as chemically. The physical tempered glass is simply a flat or float glass kept under certain specified environment and conditions. They are processed or hardened by cold fire produced by the wind. Chemically are float glass or flat glass by the method of ion exchange as well as change of the surface of the glass composition. This is done in order to achieve the stress process of glass lamination.

For you to make sure that you are able to identify both good and bad tempered glass, do the following. You need to check for smoothness without bubbles, scratches, inclusions, fog patches and lane. Other defects that you may check include defects of glass using deformation occur in order to reduce the transparency of glass, to increase the mechanical strength and ensure thermal stability of glass.

Light cover

The method used so as to achieve this includes no deformation, no pinholes, no spinning lines, surface lights and no visible evidence of electroplating better gloss and sand. Make sure that the plating thickness is even.

LED light source

You can use a microscope to identify the source. The microscope will help you to see if the chip is okay. To know the right chip size needed, you may ask the manufacturer since there are many large chips available in the market today. You also need to know the specifications of LED floodlight that manufacturer will tell you such as chip-chip, wafer, water as well as raw footage. The manufacturer can help you to confirm is it is good or bad. However, bracket, glue, LED product quality and phosphor does not enumerate here.

Identification of LED power supply

For one to understand this, it is good to start from the data. A good example is that if you are buying a 50 Watts LED flood products and the supplier for your products or the 56 Watts power 56 Watts are NG, then you need to check the specific standards depending on the time of purchase. The LED power supply conversion efficiency rate and power factor are very important when deciding if it is good or bad. Non-isolated power supply insulation protection is good.

Die-cast aluminum case identification

You need to shell in order to know if this product will heat a good light which is within the normal range. The manufacturers purchase kits and assemble them without considering the cooling problem. Some producers are required so as to reduce the cost in terms of the needed aluminum using some scrap ways. The best way to identify if it is good or bad is by stabilizing the test. This is because the client cannot know if the aluminum is good or bad.

So you should check to determine if the LED floodlight you want are good or bad before purchasing. Perhaps these suggestions will always help you greatly in differentiating between bad and good floodlight.

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