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What to Know When Replacing a 400W Metal Halide

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When it comes to LED lighting, there are many questions that people ask themselves. Among them include how to install these lights, how to replace them in case one fails, how to maintain them well and many others. However, the most complex question that people need to know is how many lumens you require in order to replace a 400 Watts Metal Halide fixture. Below is all what you need to know concerning how to replace a 400W metal halide fixture using lumens.

For one to fully understand this question, there are some things one should know. To start with, a metal-halide lamp is an electric lamp which produces light by use of an electric arc through a gaseous mixture containing vaporized metal halides and mercury. It is a high-intensity discharge and has been in use for several decades.

In the specifications provided by DesignLights Consortium, one requires a minimum of 10,000 lumens in order to go ahead and replace the 400 Watts Metal Halide. There are so many other factors that should be considered prior replacing it. Some of them include surface reflectivity, any possible obstruction as well as other sources of light. The possible sources of light include natural light sources entering a building.

To effectively replace your 400W Metal Halide, you may get assisted by the SUNPER designs light solutions. They are product agnostic and therefore they will select the best product on your behalf and which will meet your needs. Thus, they have the ability to design as well as replace your 400 Watts Metal Halide using around 10,000 lumens to 30,000 lumens. It is worth noting that you will require more lumens for indoor replacement than outdoor replacement. They ensure that proper replacement of the 400 Watts Metal Halide has been done.

Above is all what anyone in need of replacing a 400W metal halide lamp should know. It is very important.

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