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Suggestions to different applications of LED lighting fixtures CCT

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Human’s reaction under different CCT



Main Red and Yellow light in Color. Active, Cozy, Cheerful and Relax. But it makes a hot and dry feeling to the person who is in bad mood.



Red ,Green and Blue light at Different Percentage. Close to day light. Making human a sense of natural, comfortable and peace.



Blue Light occupies large Percentage, Dazzling, it makes human serious, lonely and calm feeling, As well as cold.



Light turns to Purple., Much dazzling, giving human gloomy, very calm , sad and Low feeling.



Suggestion according to different application of LED lighting fixturers:


1. School: Classroom, Library and Science lab advised 4500-5000K.


School should be a place where atmosphere is silence and Serious, also needs activity. Eyes needed often, energy should be focused. Currently the CCT of fluorescent is 6000-6500K. and the dazzling light leads to bad effect to students eyes. Most time of students’ spent in the classroom, too much cool white will make a deep impression of repression feeling , not good for increase the ability of creation.


2. Art Roomliberal arts activity room: Should be 3000K-4500K, better for students activity mood, develop the thoughts of Creation.


3. Shopping mall: main 3500-4500K in CCT, different CCT type fluorescent lamp installed in different areas.


This CCT is Natural, and activity. Which could increase the desire of buying, the reaction of color in goods area gives human relax and comfortable feeling.


4. Home Appliance areas: CCT should be 5000-5500K. Mostly the color of device is light. Reflecting the clean, top gear and Lines and lively feeling.


5. Food areas: 3000-3500K. this CCT could bring up the desire of eating, increasing the sales of food.


6. Children’s products monopoly area: 2500K-3000K. Child is lovely and active. This CCT fits for the psychology feature of child. Quickly lead to the desire of possession.


7. Commodity area: 4500-5000K. the one who buys goods mostly are female. When they are purchasing the clothes, children products and cosmetic are more sensitive mood. And it is abiogeny. And it is more rationality when buying the Daily home appliance. More CCT, more hesitance, and less CCT, not good for thought of buying commodity.


8. Hospital: the common mental illness in the ward should main in high color temperature, like 5000-5500K, the other rooms should be natural light 4000-4500K in CCT. Consulting room should be 5000-5500 will be good. Make patient quiet and trust doctors, listen to doctors’ advice and curing.


9. Factory workshop: especially the work needs carefulness. And more attention. Should be 4500-5000K, the others , CCT could be higher, like 5000-5500K CCT. The work which makes human tired, better to use daylight CCT.


10. Office, meeting room main 5000-5500K in CCT.


11. Reception Room: Should be 4000-4500K. better for the smoothy communication between guests and hosts.


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