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What to focus on when buying the LED street lights

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It is a fact that the LED street lights need to be lighted daily and for a long time. Therefore, the quality of these products must be good in order to the requirements of the residents. However, maintenance as well as management is a big problem which needs to be addressed. Again, if the price is too high expensive, the budget will not be adequate and thus there will be no profit made. This is why the main focus should be on the quality yet cheap price when selecting the LED street lights.


The most important thing is that this will also affect the credibility but the question is how should it be done? Therefore, the requirements for LED street lights should be among the first key indicators. Thus, it is important to seize the key aspects when buying the LED street lights. To ensure that the product bought is of good quality, here are some of the features of the SUNPER Lighting LED street Light. They will help you to buy your products more effectively.


The first one is that you should pay attention to the lifespan of the LED lights which should be long enough. The SUNPER LED street lights radiator extrusion molding, the die-cast aluminum with environmentally friendly power supply box as well as power supply box and the lamp body by a fixed keel. Between the radiator and the power box is used to maintain a certain distance, a large area of contact with air and the surrounding air so as to form good convection. This allows higher thermal efficiency, long-term continuous operation as well as light source base temperature which should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius.


The other one is that the SUNPER lighting uses Cree single high power LED lights using a special light source module design. The brightness of the LED street lights is the next consideration. The imported high brightness semiconductor chips have thermal conductivity, pure light color, low luminous decay, overall light intensity, brightness uniformity as well as ghosting. It is also very important to pay attention to the warranty time which should be five years as provided by the SUNPER. You should also pay attention to the value-added services in order to ensure that clients are purchasing the products without minding about the quality of the products.


The next one is that you should pay attention to the CRIof the LED street lights. The color rendering of the objects are real due to the high CRI in order to meet the requirements of the various environments thereby eliminating the traditional lamp color temperature depression and the low mood caused. This leads to visual comfort to the residents. The sixth one concerns the constant current start, how the products responds, the warm-up required and if the product starts quickly or not. The LED lights for road lighting requirements must be of high quality but at low prices. Generally, the best choice of the LED street lights would be five years warranty, relatively low prices as well as high quality products.

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