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Top 8 Reasons For Replacing HPS Lamps With LED Street Lamps

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For the last three years, people have been doubting some of the benefits of the High Pressure Sodium lights. HPS is one of the cheapest and most affordable options for street lighting. The LED technology is too expensive to buy and install and thus not so affordable to most people. However, there are numerous reasons as to why people should start considering replacing the HPS with the LED street lamps. Here is why LED is the best.

Nowadays, you will only find the LED products in the market because the HPS are failing at 1.5 years yet the warrant was of two years. The HPS were supposed to last for at least 40,000 hours which is more than three years but they actually fail at 1.5 years. A customer said that some of the warranty lights had burned out and it was only six months after the warranty date. The customer inquired from the installer about the case whom recommended that the whole place required a re-lamp. This is the main reason as to why most of these products are only warranted for 2 years.

To solve the problem that the customer had met, they decided to go by the LED products because from various articles, it is clear that the LED technology has become very popular and low costs are involved. There are also more options available with the LED products. In addition to this, the lifespan of the LED products is long than that of the HPS. Therefore, it is a great idea to have the LED street lamps replacing the already existing HPS lamps. The following are the top eight reasons as to why you should always consider replacing the existing HPS with the LED Street lights.

1. The efficiency of the LED Street lamps is always more than 50 percent

You will not only get brighter light from the LED Street lamps but also enjoy lesser energy bills since wattage used is less. The LED Street light only uses 100 watts while the HPS use 200 to 250 watts. This leads to efficiency of more than 50 percent.

2. The LED light is a directional light source

The LED Street light has a pattern of 120 degrees while the High Pressure Sodium lamp has a pattern of 360 degrees. This means that it is only 30 percent of the light given off by the HPS hit the intended target. Therefore, you will not be using all the light available since the HPS will also be lighting the fixture. This is why the HPS fixtures are only brighter with reflectors.

3. LED transfer light vs the heat

The LED fixtures uses energy in order to produce light. Most of the lighting sources such as HPS use heat so as to generate light. This is the reason as to why the traditional light sources such as metal halide, fluorescent and incandescent are not a choice to many people.

4. LED products give off light at the end of life

All HPS lamps end their life in a simple way which is easy to tell since it is dead and nothing is left. The LED light sources are considered to end their life at 60 percent of its total light output which is roughly 14,400 hours. On the other hand, the LED street lamps end their life at 70 percent which is roughly 50,000 hours.

5. The LED street lights usually have no mercury

One of the major differences is the fact that the LED lighting products do not have glass or mercury content in them. Like in the state of Washington only, more than 10 million lamps are usually disposed of yearly. All those lamps hold around 400 lbs of the toxic mercury waste that gets deposited every year. In this state, it is only about 2 out of 10 bulbs that are recycled effectively.

6. The LED products does not give off UV light

The LED Street light does not give out light in the non-visible region. The UV/IR light causes the colors to fade in signage and fabrics. This is the leading cause for the eye strain as well as eye fatigue.

7. The LEDs makes air conditioning to be more efficient

The LED fixtures leads to little heat gain in the air conditioner space. The LEDs generate less heat, meaning that the air conditioning system is not overworked.

8. The LED lights provides 70 percent more light

The beam angle of the LEDs is 120 degrees. This shows that all the light generated by LEDs is focused in an area of 120 degrees. For the HPS with an angle beam of 360 degrees, most light goes out to the sides and top of the bulb and this does not benefit the target.

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