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How to identify the quality of LED high bays

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Below are the tips to consider to assist you determine the quality of the LED high bays prior buying.

1. Check the product labels and packaging

This is among the simplest as well as intuitive way to identify a genuine product. A good product should be marked with the rated voltage, voltage range as well as voltage power. There is also necessity to have additional information such as brand names and certification mark on the authentic LED lamp packaging. A better printing quality and genuine trademark on the packaging is also a requirement. You should be keen of the erased information for shoddy products with poor quality and fuzzy fonts.


2. Consider the brand of the LED chips

The LED lamp beads quality is a very crucial factor to be considered. Nowadays, the widest use of the LED high bays LED chips market has Nichia, Samsung, Cree, BridgeLux and Epistar. These brands are very popular and they are well known as international brands. They are available in the international market and are all known to have good reputation.


3. Check how temperature ranges during the working time

In any working condition, a good quality LED high bays temperature should not be very high or very low. There should be an ambient temperature of 20 and the surface temperature should not exceed 65. If you happen to buy a product which exceeds this temperature while at work, then you should know that its quality is compromised. In addition to this, you should also check the flashing of the LED high bay lights and ensure that there are no problems.


4. Electromagnetic interference

Electromagnetic compatibility is basically the assessment of the electrical products and it is an important indicator of eligibility. Different products are identified using the most relevant test on the packaging. Consumers may use shortwave radios to test. The nearer the radio set after power of the LED high bays, the lower the observed radio emission of the noise and hence it is better if a product contains description about electromagnetic compatibility.


5. Power supply

This is also among the most important factors to help you determine the quality of the LED high bays. This is because power plays a crucial role in the LED lamps. Good power performance parameters should be in proper condition and should not cause any harm to the entire LED high bays. It should also be compatible with a wide range of voltage. Other essential features include better cooling performance as well as long term benefits such as money saving.


6. Consider the cooling capacity

Heat is a major requirement in the development of the LED products. However, heat has a direct impact on these products if it is not controlled well. The most intuitive aspect is by looking at the LED high bays radiator area. The total area should be a bit larger than the area of cooling for cooling to be effective. The next thing you should look at is the material used. The commonly used material is the aluminum radiator to enable aluminum thermal capacity. By doing so, you will be able to purchase a high quality LED high bays.


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