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Causes of damage to the LED flood lights

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The LED flood light a new green industrial lighting with high conversion efficiency, long lifespan, less energy consumption, little or no maintenance required among many others. These lightings are mostly used in pools, parks as well as in other industrial lighting applications. The LED flood lights have long lifespan when used in safe working environment. 

The two major reasons that may cause the lifespan of the products to reduce include electric shock and excessive voltage. Electric chock causes overheating and eventually damages the product. This damage can lead to total failure of the device or else it may occur after an over-current of an event due to impact for a long time prior failure. This shortens the expected working life of the led flood lights.


When the power source of the LED flood lights fails, the second damage that occurs may be total failure of the device. Typically, the LED power supply causes electric shock if not controlled well as well as load side circuit failure. The input power over the electric shock is often caused by damage to the driver circuit chip. Other causes might be breakdown of the capacitors as well as other passive components. Short-circuit failure causes the load side drive circuit to have excess current and due to this overheating damage to the LED flood lights occurs. The best thing is that the common causes of the damage to the LED flood lights have been known and thus it is a bit easier to prevent them nowadays than it was previously. Such common causes include the following.


The transient over-current events

Transient over-current event is basically excess current flowing through the LED technical data sheet than the rated maximum current. This may be due to various reasons such as large currents being generated either directly or indirectly by high voltage events over -current. These events are transient as they last for a short time. They are normally called spikes since in reality they are barely voltage spikes as well as current spikes. Other situations caused by the transient over-current events include LED power or transients during the hot plug. The failure of the mode often leads to damage to the welding line. In addition to this, it also causes damage to other parts that are near the welding line.


The electrostatic discharge event

This is commonly shortened as ESD. ESD damage is a highly integrated semiconductor device. It is an application of the most common kinds of transient over-voltage hazards and in order to prevent this, LED lighting systems are required to meet IEC61000-4-2 since it is the standard. The human body electrostatic discharge mode is 8kV. This is a necessity or otherwise there electric shocks will cause total failure of the LED flood lights. Therefore, the LED PN junction array performance will get damaged or else appear lower. The internal LED chip ESD events are usually caused by the failure of the discharge path. This failure can be partially functional. The worst case of this is where the damage caused to the LED flood lights is permanent.

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