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The reputable manufacturers of the LED chips

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There are manufacturers of the LED chips who are known internationally. Knowing such manufacturers is very important since by knowing them you may be able to buy the high quality products only. Anytime you are buying a LED chip product, always check the manufacturer. Such reputable manufacturers include the following.


They are among the popular LED chip manufacturers. This company is based in United States and their products are highly based on silicon carbide SiC, silicon Si, gallium nitride GaN and other related compounds. They include blue, ultraviolet light-emitting diode,green, radio frequency RF, near UV laser and microwave devices. The power switching devices are suitable for the research and production of silicon carbide.


This is also among the best manufacturer of the lighting products in the entire world. Its products include sensors, LED lighting products and image processors. The headquarters of this company are based in Germany, R and D are based in Malaysia and they have employed about 3,400 employees. The most famous product of this company is the LED of Osram.


This is a very famous chip maker. It is a Japanese company and was founded in the year 1956. It developed the world’s first blue LED in 1993 and the world’s first pure green LED(1995).


The headquarters of this company are based in Aichi which is in Japan. It deals with the production of the automotive components as well as LED products. This company jointly with Toshiba developed the white LED, the UV LED as well as phosphor combination. The combination of the general LED and phosphor is usually done in different ways.


This is the world’s leading supplier of the LED products for the automobile, electronic information boards as well as traffic signal lights. To add on this, there is also industrial equipment, consumer products like the large number of the products needed to provide reliable and efficient source and lastly cellular phones . The good reliability of the compounds does not require the light source to be replaced.


Toshiba semiconductor is the best automotive supplier of the LED products especially dashboard backlighting, climate control, navigation system and other units. The technology applied uses InGaAIP and wavelengths between 560nm to 630nm. This company has also developed another technology of UV + phosphor and UV + fluorescence. The excitation phosphor emits different combinations of light like white, light green, pinkand others.


This is the world’s high power LED as well as solid lighting leader. Their products are used for traffic signals, lighting television and general lighting. Its headquarters are in United States.


This is the Korea’s largest manufacturer of the ED lighting technology. It is aimed at environmental protection and is a global manufacturer. The main business of this company is production line of the custom module products, LED assembly including use of the AC-driven semiconductor products such as side light LED Acriche, sliced LE, top light LED, Piranha and plug-in LED. All their products are mainly used in usual lighting, display lighting, TV, backlighting mobile phone, portable computers, home appliances, traffic signals, automotive lighting among many others.

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